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Shenyang Railway Administration

Screen area: 42 square meters

Project Introduction: Safe, efficient and reliable dispatching and command is the key to ensure the smooth flow of all railway trunk lines in Shenyang Railway Administration.

Shenyang Railway Bureau is one of the 18 railway administrations of large railway transportation enterprises managed by China Railway Corporation, which is called "Shenyang Railway Bureau" for short. Located in the central and southern part of the Northeast road network, the south is adjacent to the Beijing Railway Bureau and the north and Harbin Railway Bureau. The Shenyang Railway Administration has jurisdiction over the line spanning Liaoning (excluding Lushun West Railway Station) and Jilin Province, the southeastern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the southern part of Heilongjiang Province and the northeastern part of Hebei Province, radiating four provinces and one autonomous region, three sub-provincial cities, 32 prefecture-level cities, leagues and autonomous prefectures, 188 counties, county-level cities, banners and county-level districts. The total population is more than 7900. The Shenyang Railway Bureau is a super large state-owned enterprise mainly engaged in railway passenger and freight transportation. Since 2005, among the 18 railway administrations in China, the annual turnover has always maintained the top three (Shenyang Railway Administration, Shanghai Railway Administration, Beijing Railway Administration). The main stations in the pipeline are: Shenyang Station, Shenyang North Station, Shenyang South Station, Changchun Station, Jilin Station, Dalian Station, Dalian North Station, Shanhaiguan Station, Dandong Station, Panjin Station, Jinzhou Station, etc.