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Weinan Sports Festival

Screen area: 297 square meters

Project Description:The opening ceremony of the 13th Weinan Games was grandly opened in "Guzhen Weinan". This is the highest specifications, the largest scale, and the most widely participated comprehensive sports event in Weinan. Haoxiang 297 M 2 outdoor high-protection LED transparent screen opened splendidly at the opening ceremony.

The four-year Weinan Sports Meeting is a grand sports meeting to review the new achievements of Weinan sports development. It is understood that in recent years, the Weinan municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the development of sports. The facilities of Weinan stadiums and gymnasiums have been improved in an all-round way, the provincial first-class sports centers and the first-class youth sports schools in China have been built, the county-level stadiums and gymnasiums have been upgraded and renovated, various sports projects for the benefit of the people have spread throughout urban and rural areas, and the Weihe National Fitness Corridor has been initially built, benefiting hundreds of thousands of people along the line. More than 12,000 social sports instructors were active around the masses. The number of urban and rural residents taking part in physical exercise reached 2.2 million.