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Fashionable Ads catch the eyeballs

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Standard module size

Considering viewing distance of various projects,choose the best suitable pixel pitch and assemble standard module into big transparent led screen.

Easy and quick installation

The screen can be hung or mounted on the window Power supplies built into the frame ,helping it easier and faster for installation

Fashionable Ads catch the eyeballs

> Ultra-slim and light weight (thickness 35mm)

>Plug and play system

> Intelligent central management

> Multiple installation methods

£®Floor standing, wall-mounting and hanging

> App control

°ýUltra-slim and light weight

35mm thickness of the panel, 38kg/panel.

°ýIntelligent central management

Support multi-screen set networking, remote confguration and management, breakpoint upload, multiple connection play modes,mobile phone real-time. Photographing and editing, 360-degree arbitrary rotation, digital Dolby 5.1-channel audio output.

°ýMultiple installation methods

User-level front maintenance, support foor-standing, wall-mounting and hanging installation options, provides a horizontal or vertical installing and display mode.

°ý8:27 ratio enable 2K and 4K

With high refresh rate and gray level, the WLC is a fine pitch LED display with 1.895 and P2.5 pixel pitch using patented LEDs. Aiming at the middle and high-end market, we provide you with a ultra-thin seamless LED display with flexible maintenance mode and reliable cableless connection. Cabinet ratio 8:27 enables 2K and 4k, giving you a wonderful visual experience.

Technical specifications

ParametersX-Poster£®2nd Generation£©
Pixel Pitch£®mm£©1.8 mm2.571 mm
Pixel ConfgurationSMD 1515SMD 2020
Pixel Matrix per Panel£®dots£©160 x 120 dots112 x 84 dots
Pixel Density£®dots/screen£©345,600 dots/screen169,344 dots/screen
Panel Dimension (W°ŃH°ŃD) /£®mm£©576 x 1944 x 35mm (80°Ī)576 x 1944 x 35mm (80°Ī)
Panel MaterialAluminum / 10 colors optionalAluminum / 10 colors optional
Screen the Weight£®kg/screen£©35 kg/screen£®77.2 lb/screen £©35 kg/screen£®77.2 lb/screen £©
Color Depth£®Bit£©14 bit14 bit
Refresh Rate£®Hz£©3840 Hz3840 Hz
Driver Method /scanScan 1/30Scan 1/28
Brightness£®nits£©600~1200 nits£¨adjustable£®8 levels £©600~1200 nits£¨adjustable£®8 levels £©
Horizontal Viewing Angle£®H°„£©160 °„160 °„
Vertical Viewing Angle£®V°„£©160 °„160 °„
Display Resolution (W°ŃH) /£®pixel£©320 x 1080224 x 756
Control ModeUSB / HDMI / WIFI / RJ45USB / HDMI / WIFI / RJ45
Support Video ModeMP4£¨AVI£¨ WMVMP4£¨AVI£¨ WMV
AC Power Input£®V£©AC110V~ 220V °ņ10%AC110V~ 220V °ņ10%
AC Power Frequency£®Hz£©50 ~ 60 Hz50 ~ 60 Hz
Max. Power£®W/screen£©654 W/screen683 W/screen
Avg. Power£®W/screen£©218 W/screen228 W/screen
Operating Temperature£®°ś £©- 0°ś ~ 50°ś- 0°ś ~ 50°ś
Installation TypeWall Hanging£¨Stacking£¨HangingWall Hanging£¨Stacking£¨Hanging
Maintenance MethodFront serviceFront service

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