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Standard module size

Considering viewing distance of various projects,choose the best suitable pixel pitch and assemble standard module into big transparent led screen.


GOB Tech


Technical specifications

Pixel spacing (mm)Horizontal 3.9/ vertical 7.8Horizontal 7.8/ vertical 7.8
Physical pixels (dot/m2)32,76816384
Display resolution256*128 (interlaced) /256*64 (stretch)128*64
Maximum power consumption (W/m2)380(all white)350(all white)
Average power consumption£®W/M2£©153(animated)126(animated)
Display brightness (NITS)1000/2500/5000°›700/1400/4500(2020/1921LED)
Screen refresh rate (Hz)3,840(16bit)°›1920
LED encapsulationSMD1921/2020/2121SMD1921/2020
Box weight (Kg)4.9Kg
Box size (mm)1,000*500
LED control systemNova A series / Ling Xingyu Mini Series / modal M-RD71
Display interfaceTerminal DVI/HDMI/DP
Gray level16bit
Protection gradeIp65
working voltageDC4.5V
input voltageAC100-240V 50/60Hz Wide pressure
Cabinet materialDie-casting aluminum
Installation methodHoisting (longitudinal 10 boxes) / barrier mounting / fixed installation
LED Life100 thousand hours

Application area of LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen will open up a new scope of use, lead the field trend, with a broad market prospects, especially for large shopping malls, civilized square, commercial construction, hotels, stadiums, stage rental, municipal engineering, hotels, outdoor curtain walls, 4S shops and a variety of luxury display windows and other fields, is expected to be The field of advertising invents a new blue ocean.

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